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The most modern dental diagnostics in Tallinn

Computed tomography of the jaw is the most modern and informative type of dental diagnosis. It is an opportunity to assess the condition of dental canals, tooth roots, pulp, and the jaw itself. The 3D image of the jaw shows all the features of the position of the tooth, which the doctor can evaluate to find the best treatment option.

Our dentists do not recommend complex treatment without a preliminary diagnosis. This is the only way to avoid risks to your own health and additional costs for treatment and dentures in the future. In addition, dental X-rays are completely safe and can even be performed on children. 

Tomography of the jaw is performed on a special machine, where a 3D image of the selected segment or the entire oral cavity is generated in real time. The data is transmitted to a computer or recorded on a digital medium, after which the doctor can see all the points of interest in various projections, simply by moving the mouse cursor to the desired area of the 3D dental picture.
It is the computer tomography of teeth that is the basis for dentures and implants, root canal treatment, and even tooth extraction. Without the information on the scan, the doctor will have to work “blindly”, which can lead to problems and complications.
Another advantage of 3D jaw scans is the ability to independently evaluate the dental treatment that has already been performed.

How 3D diagnostics is performed

Price List

  • Consultation from € 30
  • Panoramic image (2D) € 29
  • 3D image (upper and lower jaw) € 80
  • Written treatment and prosthetic plan € 55
  • R2GATE surgical template planning (3D scan + high-precision impressions) € 190
  • Injection anesthesia € 16

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