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We strive to provide our patients with maximum comfort and quality of treatment. In the process of work we use innovative technologies and modern equipment. Our clinic pays great attention to the quality of service and comfort of our patients.

About Us

For more than 10 years, we have been proving daily with the quality of our work that dental care can be affordable and reliable. The main priority in the work we do is the maximum possible preservation of the health and beauty of your teeth. We work on the principle of family dentistry, where all age groups of our patients can receive advice and comprehensive treatment. Our team consists of dentists with extensive experience who pay a lot of attention to the concerns of each patient.

Our modern, innovative equipment gives us a wide range of services to restore a healthy smile: implantation, aesthetic dentistry, root canal treatment with a microscope, orthodontic treatment, hygiene procedures, and computer diagnostics.

After their very first visit to the clinic, our patients stay with us for many years. We value and take extreme pride in such deep trust, and we continue to do everything to justify it

Cooperating with the Health Insurance Fund

We work together with the Health Insurance Fund www.tervisekassa.ee
Pensioners are reimbursed 105 € for treatment and 260 € for prosthetics. Children under 19 years old are treated free of charge. All other members of the Health Insurance Fund are reimbursed 60 € for treatment each year.

“Let your teeth
          be beautiful
      and healthy.
Smile – it suits you!”

Payment in installments

Come for dental treatment, and you can pay in installments. Installment payment of up to 6 months 0%

Family discount -10%

If you visit with 3 or more members of your family, you will get a permanent discount

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