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We are pleased to be making your acquaintance in our new clinic for professional dentistry “N.E.W Dental Clinic”. Already for more than 10 years, we have been offering professional, reliable and affordable dental care emphasising an individual approach to our patients. Modern dentistry is safe and painless. Our clinic distinguishes itself by the special attitude towards our clients. Top-class modern equipment, unique advanced dentistry solutions, competent specialists who are regularly trained in the best foreign centres for dentistry, and an individual approach to treatment have allowed us to gain the recognition and love of our patients. Our top interest is your health and comfort. Booking  Services

Deciding to take serious care of the health of your teeth, it is worthwhile to first visit a periodontist – thereby a plan for preventive procedures will be drawn up and professional (hardware) toothbrushing will be conducted, removing all existing dental deposits (which you might not have even suspected).

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Hygiene and Prevention

Professional oral hygiene – this procedure helps to prevent common problems such as: calculus, tooth decay, soft or dense plaque on teeth, pigmented plaque (from coffee, cigarettes and colouring products), bad breath, gum disease and gum bleeding. With this procedure, the entire oral cavity is thoroughly cleaned, all bacteria and food debris is removed from inaccessible cavities, teeth become smooth and feel a lot lighter.

Therapeutic Dentistry

In our clinic, we provide all types of therapeutic treatment – treatment for caries, pulpitis, periodontitis. Many think: “Oh, this is probably caries, it doesn’t hurt, fine!” This is an example of careless approach to one’s dental health, these people will only see a dentist in urgent need, for example, in intolerable pain. Therapeutic treatment is the base-level treatment without which further treatment, whether putting on prosthetics, implantation, orthodontic or periodontal treatment, is impossible. Treatment outcome and the health of a person are wholly dependent how well the sanitation of infection foci in the oral cavity is performed. The main goal of doctors is to keep the tooth intact, thus preventing the destruction of it and harmful effects to the whole body. This also means that only modern materials are used for filling, these are identical to natural tissues, which allow for the complete restoration of a tooth. It is not enough just to cure the tooth, the health appearance of it must be restored.

Therapeutic dentistry is also indispensable for treating tooth injuries, erosion, pathological processes in the root canals, etc. The task of our doctors is not only to eliminate the disease, but also to restore the damaged tissues.

Computer Modelling

Computer modelling creates the possibility to visually see the result of aesthetic restoration even before treatment begins. Patients are always worried about how their smile will change after restoration works. This is especially important when it comes to manipulations of the anterior jaw. Modern digital modelling allows the patient to see a virtual model of future tooth restorations. Already at this stage you will be able to evaluate the positive changes and discuss with the doctor the tactics of the restoration process and its results. If necessary, it is possible to adjust the treatment plan so that the result of the restoration is fully consistent with the patient’s expectations.

The purpose of aesthetic restoration is to radically improve the appearance of one’s teeth and smile in general. Aesthetic restoration of teeth eliminates the effects of a traumatic injury or carious damage, improves the colour and shape of the teeth, as well as adjusts their size and position. Modelling the restoration allows you to evaluate all the parameters and predict the result of the procedure. This helps the patient to easily decide whether or not he/she wants the procedure and be sure of its result.

Very often, patients worry that the procedure of putting on prosthetics will look ugly, but do not despair – you should never leave the dentist’s office without temporary crowns or veneers, and none of your relatives or friends will know that you are in a stage of dental prosthetics being put on!

Modern materials for temporary restorations are completely invisible and do not bring discomfort, on the contrary, they help you get used to the new future shape of your teeth!



The greatest pleasure is to see how minimal aesthetic improvements to teeth make a person have a more positive outlook on life, complications leave and life changes! This feeling is impossible to describe!

Highly qualified doctors of the “N.E.W Dental Clinic” dental clinic are constantly improving their professional skills and are thus able to perform procedures for applying all types of dental prosthetics, from the simplest designs to the installation of various crowns and bridges on the prosthetics.

The installed prostheses can be both fixed and removable. Each of the methods has certain specific features, so the necessary type of prosthetics is chosen by an experienced orthopaedic dentist. After a thorough examination of the condition of your teeth and the entire oral cavity as a whole, the doctor will draw up an individual prosthetics plan that is best for you. The doctor will choose the option of prosthetics based on your individual indications, wishes and possibilities.

Choice is Yours!


It used to be that the patients had the goal of mainly restoring lost tooth function or eliminating obvious defects, instead of improving the aesthetic appearance of teeth, which has become no less important for today’s patients. This is so, because nowadays a lot depends on our image and appearance – this means our career, personal life and inner harmony.


In the clinic
“N.E.W Dental Clinic” uses the latest generation system – Zoom WhiteSpeed (ZOOM 4). This is the most effective, safe and comfortable professional hardware for conducting whitening, special attention is given to tooth enamel.

Benefits of ZOOM 4 whitening:

  • The duration of the procedure equates to about 60 minutes (gel is applied 4 times for 15 minutes and activated by a special ZOOM lamp).
  • Enamel lightens up by up to 8 tones.
  • Whitening strengthens the teeth and ensures enamel smoothness and shine due to the patented composition of the gel.

The most effective and most advanced method for restoring lost teeth and giving you a beautiful smile.

Beautiful teeth are not a luxury, but a necessity. Teeth are our health, they give us proper bite, diction, the ability to fully eat and to chew food well. They allow us to make a favourable impression on others, build a career and hold relationships. Many lose them at a very young age. Genetic predisposition, pregnancy, trauma, caries, periodontitis – all this can lead to premature tooth loss.

Modern technology allows us to return a healthy smile to a person, even in the case of complete adentia. The introduction of high-quality biocompatible materials has improved the tolerance of implantation by patients, so that today the risk of complications caused by dental implants is reduced to almost zero. Our doctors are skilled professionals with experience in the field of implantation.


“N.E.W Dental Clinic” cares about the quality of the services provided and will not start treatment and exclude a diagnosis without appropriate diagnostics, since the success of treatment of patients depends on the quality of the diagnosis. The clinic provides all types of diagnostics and, in order to avoid risks to the health of patients, offers you to use the 3D diagnostics service. This allows us to formulate a plan for the upcoming dental treatment as objectively as possible, increasing the accuracy of the diagnosis and helping us to objectively see / understand the clinical picture – whether it is channel treatment, prosthetics or dental implants. Humanity has not yet come up with a more universal and accurate diagnosis than one using 3D diagnostics. This tool allows the doctor to virtually get into the most inaccessible areas of the bone and soft tissue structures of the head. This also allows to see at any part of it, look into any vessel in different projections in 3D format and see with your own eyes any possible pathology. This is a wonderful service thanks to which the doctors of our dental clinic are able to solve many a problem and to offer the best results possible. Moreover, modern 3D diagnostics today allows not only to take a three-dimensional image and decrypt it, but also to make an independent assessment of the quality of the treatment already carried out.


Laminates are thin ceramic plates that are fixed with a special heavy-duty cement of tooth enamel.

Laminates are made individually, taking into account the needs of each patient.

With the help of aesthetic restoration with laminates, you can recreate your smile of youth or the smile that you dream of!

Having photographed and processed your photos, your dentist will construct a virtual smile that you, together with the doctors, can change and correct (length of teeth, width of teeth, inclination of teeth, etc.). After that discussion, the doctor will try on a virtual smile for you using a special plastic. At the same time, the teeth do not grind! At this stage, you will be able to see the real you with your future smile!

After that, the option you like, will be recreated using laminates.

Since the preparation of teeth for laminates occurs within the enamel, the procedure is as gentle as possible, preserving your tooth tissue. In some cases, you don’t have to grind your teeth at all!!!

In our clinic
“N.E.W Dental Clinic” ensures that highly qualified specialists and the most modern equipment and materials will make your dream come true!

Indications for laminates:

  • Discoloration of teeth;
  • Chips (from seeds, bad habits);
  • Gaps between teeth;
  • Cracked teeth;
  • Slight curvature or inclination of teeth;
  • Natural abrasion of teeth.

Smooth teeth are not only beautiful, but also healthy!

In our clinic, an experienced orthodontist does everything possible to get a positive result and to create a beautiful, healthy smile.

Fixing problems with malocclusion is necessary and possible at any age. Since the wrong bite is a pathology that violates the correlation of the dentition, it spoils not only the natural beauty of a smile, but it even changes the shape of one’s face, and sometimes deforms it. This affects speech activity, chewing food, as well as putting a constant load on the temporal joint. Therefore, a correct bite is very important for a person.

Allow your teeth to be beautiful and healthy.

Smile – it suits you!


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