— A dental clinic in the center of Tallinn: excellent location and free parking. A close-knit team of highly qualified specialists, passionate about their profession, will always suggest you an individual approach to the treatment. Modern dental equipment, a dental laboratory, an impeccable level of sterility and safety and, most importantly, the desire to help each patient allow us to provide a wide range of dental services and guarantee quality.


The daily goal of our activity is to see that our patients are satisfied both with the process and with the result.

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A dental laboratory located within a clinic makes it possible to fully control all stages of dental prosthetics.


Surely, all of us have experienced home improvement or turnkey order fulfillment. Just remember how much time and steps this kind of activity required. First, you had to coordinate the time to make measurements, then you had to spend the whole day with craftsmen to explain your wishes, and only after a week, if not later, you could expect your order be fulfilled. And the final result, which required an investment of effort, time and money, could not always please you at the first attempt.


A similar situation is observed in all dental clinics, which do not have equipment and specialists for in-house production and manufacture of dental products. Sometimes, due to logistical overlaps, the patient has to walk for a long time with temporary dental prostheses, filling material and protective mouth guards, which not only impair the patient’s everyday life, but could also crumble at the most inopportune moment.


A laboratory makes it possible to perform necessary emergency orthopedic procedures in the shortest possible time (sometimes, even on the day of the visit to the clinic) at lowest cost possible and taking into account all the patient’s characteristics. Also, due to the direct transfer of information from the attending physician to the technician, the risk of data distortion and inaccuracies is reduced to zero, and thereby many errors and mistakes can be avoided. Moreover, the technician can assess the situation while in the dentist’s office; thus, just as the attending physician, he or she is able to adjust the manufacture of veneers, making certain corrections in the “hot mode”.